Results of Form 1 English Placement Test

  AL-IKHLAS CAMBRIDGE NOTICE OF RESULTS FOR FORM 1 STUDENTS OF SEKOLAH MENENGAH ISLAM HIDAYAH   Please refer the Level description in Al-Ikhlas Homepage under menu FAQ    No.         Student’s Name Level To Be Admitted 1 Abdul Hakim Bin Razali KET 2 Abdullah Azzah Bin Sufyan Pre FCE 3 Abdul Razak Bin Khamis KET 4 Adibah Binti […]

Course Description

  Key English Test (KET)   KET at Cambridge Level One offers a basic qualification in English and also represents a first step towards the Cambridge examinations.   At this level, users are expected to be able to use English in their own or a foreign country in a range of everyday situations with native […]